Welcome the new year with open arms.

A "let's go" open arms exuberance. Woman in snow scene with open arms.


“Life likes to be taken by the lapel and told, ‘I’m with you kid, let’s go!’”   -Maya Angelou.


Feelings of expansiveness. Open arms optimism. A deep knowing that things will work out. 

Optimism—belief, is fundamental to the human spirit. It is more than just expecting positive outcomes. It patterns how we feel upon waking, how we respond, how we interpret and perceive.

But we can't just muscle our way into it. 

As we replenish from the holidays and approach the close of the decade, our thinking mind swirls with reflecting, ruminating, analyzing. How we feel about it all - in our stomach, our back, our jaw, our neck, informs our interpretations. And shapes our ability to envision and dream. Our bodies are wise. We often feel things in our bodies before we know things in our minds. In this way, our bodies can be like portals. 

The high levels of stimulus around the holidays, (life in general) can leave us depleted and constricted. And thus disconnected to ourselves. Our brains and bodies adapt. For a while.

And then...we need a counterbalance. Rest. Quiet. Calm.

If our nervous systems are stressed, feelings of optimism are further from reach and make it harder to know what we feel and why. Stress constricts us and closes us off to ourselves, others and the world. 

Listening and attending to our bodies fuels our faith that things will work out. It breathes life into possibility. It’s circular. Fluid. Essential to the expression of who we are.

Lull was built with this spirit in mind. To connect us to ourselves. To bolster. To ease. To allow. And, to break the patterns that might not serve us.

Giving yourself 5 or 10 minutes a day in gentle inversion can help in feeling the way you want to feel. A physical platform for health and happiness.

Nurturing ourselves is like a promise. An oath to ourselves that we are expansive beings. It fills us with assurance—with capacity, energy, and hope. 

Here's to you and feelings of "let's go" open arms exuberance in the new year!

Much love,

Aimée and the InclineRx family


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