Gentle inversion table. Lull by InclineRx. Wellness furniture. Gentle Inversion. Inversion table alternative. Healthy living furniture.

Rest, renewal and healing

Naturally decompress and realign the spine, stimulate blood flow and circulation and soothe body, mind and spirit.

Woman lying on Incliner gentle-inversion table (inversion slant board) by InclineRx in her living room with her dog.. Gentle inversion wellness furniture.

Welcome to Lull

Lull is a unique design that because of its gentle arcing movement, enables the body to recline to an optimal angle for relaxation and recovery. 

Lull, a full body recliner for wellness
Woman outstretched on the Lull Gentle Inversion Board
Sitting up from using the Lull Gentle Inversion Board

In this 3 minute video you’ll hear from three women who share how the Lull Inversion board is helpful in their lives.