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Feel good in your body

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Rejuvenation and calm

Naturally decompress the spine, open the hips, increase circulation, and soothe the nervous system. 

How does it work?

It works with the healing qualities of gentle-inversion, an effortless self-care practice which supports your body at a safe low angle, and in a straight body alignment with your feet above hips, hips above heart, and your heart above head.

On how the Incliner helps to bring wellness into the day-to-day.

Wellness from a new angle

How the Incliner helps integrate health into day-to-day life.

Lull, gentle-inversion self care wellness by InclineRx


Dzuka Lin, Owner, Action Reaction Physical Therapy
“Many of our patients are professional sitters, which can be a bear on posture. If one is not attentive, the natural "S" shape of the body "fixes" into a slouched position like the shape of cooked shrimp- the back rounds from hunching over repeatedly and can lead to excess postural kyphosis or cervical compression. Gentle-inversion can be a helpful addition to home exercises we assign and supports the work we do.”

– Dzuka Lin, Action Reaction Physical Therapy

"I observe that most lumbar, thoracic and cervical back and neck pain is caused by narrowing of nerve outlets between our vertebrae, and that the single best therapy for nearly all degenerative back conditions is regaining dimension in these outlets with daily strengthening, stretching, and gentle-inversion."

– Dr. John Hibbs, N.D.

"I'm not gonna lie. 2020 has been a doozy! As a small business owner, every scary scenario has played out in my mind. What if this or what if that. So, I've had to be creative in finding ways to help with the anxiety and fear that continues to plague me. I'm so thankful to have this amazing product. It's my go-to home sanctuary for peace and self-care. You get SO much out of it and it literally takes no effort at all. You just lay there and are instantly in a state of peace and calm. It has seriously changed my life..."

– -Ruby, Seattle WA

Testimonial by an Incliner owner Audra
"The gentle incline is just enough to stretch out my lower back in a completely passive stretch. I have short hamstrings, so getting a lower back stretch is very difficult, but this slant board makes it easy. Just a few minutes a day keeps me pain free—while I relax and meditate."

– Audra Andrews, Seattle

“A lifetime of chronic back pain due to Scoliosis has been a challenge to say the least. I was never interested in surgery, gimmick exercise equipment or other methods, so I just learned to deal with the pain. By chance I was introduced to InclineRx and experienced results the first few days. It’s made such a difference that I look forward to inclining daily after work, if only for a few minutes. It’s inviting and makes me feel like I want to use it so much that I don't want to be without it.”

– Ronnie

Toni talks about how the Incliner helps her feel more relaxed.
“Gives me a lightness, and sense of well being. I feel an alignment in my body with hips and back - fluid, and without pain."

– Toni


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