• Image showing Lull, a gentle inversion wellness product.

    Gentle-inversion wellness furniture

Rejuvenation and calm

A restorative gentle-inversion incliner for your rest, renewal, and healing.

Wellness from a new angle


"My back pain isn't completely cured, but using the incliner every night makes me feel better. It helps."


"My back feels more stable than it has in decades. I added lying on it to my morning and evening stretching routine a bit over six months ago. What a blessing!"


It is amazing how 5 minutes on the Lull elongates my torso and creates a sense of spaciousness. I would swear I’m taller when I get up. Someone come measure me!


“Gives me a lightness, and sense of well being. I feel an alignment in my body with hips and back - fluid, and without pain."


“It quieted my frayed edges, enabling better sleep and less reliance on sleep meds like Tylenol PM”


Stories of impact

Feel good in your body

Kick off your shoes, lie back, and let the tension dissipate.