Introducing a simple, calming way to care for yourself

With gentle, supportive inversion

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Lull by InclineRx. Gentle inversion wellness furniture. For back pain and tension and leg circulation.
Inversion table by InclineRx

How does it work?

Lull works with the healing qualities of inversion to reverse the pull of gravity on your body to naturally decompress and realign the spine, stimulate blood flow and circulation, and soothe body, mind and spirit. Lying on Lull supports your body at a gentle, safe and low angle, with your feet above hips, hips above heart, and your heart above head.

Gentle inversion table. Lull by InclineRx. Wellness furniture. Gentle Inversion. Inversion table alternative. Healthy living furniture.

A soothing addition for your home sanctuary

In this 3 minute video you’ll hear from three women who share how the Lull Incliner has given them a simple yet powerful way to integrate wellness into daily life.

How Lull can bring a sense of peace and calm.