Gentle Inversion Wellness Furniture.

Rest. Renew. Restore.

Modern furniture designed to easily integrate wellness into daily life.

Woman resting on an InclineRx gentle inversion Incliner. Helps you easily take care of yourself.

Comfort and ease.

Gentle inversion wellness furniture that helps you easily take care of yourself. Counters the drag of gravity with the healing qualities of inversion. Simple, approachable, effective, and designed specifically for your body.

Woman smiling radiantly in a background prairie grass. To express Life Affirming feelings.


A simple yet powerful way to relax, recharge, and renew. Helps revive the body’s capacity for healing and facilitating relief from stress, tension, and pain. Awakens the body, mind and spirit to a meditative sensory aliveness that transforms.

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Testimonial from Melissa. She says “It quieted my frayed edges, enabling better sleep and less reliance on sleep meds like Tylenol PM”
“It quieted my frayed edges, enabling better sleep and less reliance on sleep meds like Tylenol PM”

– Melissa

“Perfect for those long days at the computer. Helps me to feel more fresh and alive”

– Kelly

“A lifetime of chronic back pain due to Scoliosis has been a challenge to say the least. I was never interested in surgery, gimmick exercise equipment or other methods, so I just learned to deal with the pain. By chance I was introduced to InclineRx and experienced results within the first few days. It’s made such a difference that I look forward to inclining daily after work, if only for a few minutes. It’s inviting and makes me feel like I don't want to be without it.”

– Ronnie

Testimonial from Melinda. She says it's an immediate energy boost.
"It's an immediate energy boost with no side effects and no energy crash, like with coffee. This is so simple it’s shocking.”

– Melinda

“Gives me a lightness, and sense of well being. I feel an alignment in my body with hips and back - fluid, and without pain."

– Toni

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