• Image showing Lull, a gentle inversion wellness furniture product.

    Gentle Inversion Wellness Furniture

Wellness from a new angle.

Three women share their stories.


A simple yet powerful tool to help you relax, recharge, and renew. Facilitates relief from stress, tension, and pain. 

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“Gives me a lightness, and sense of well being. I feel an alignment in my body with hips and back - fluid, and without pain."


"My back feels more stable than it has in literally decades. I added laying on the InclineRx to my morning and evening stretching routine a bit over six months ago.  I cannot believe the results. What a blessing!"

Patty Grossman

“It quieted my frayed edges, enabling better sleep and less reliance on sleep meds like Tylenol PM”


Every time I use it I have to convince myself to get up. It’s remarkably simple and useful. It's almost shocking to me, it is so effective.