Benefits of Lull

Supporting your self care

Lull, a full body gentle inversion board, is a product that allows for a simple, restorative way to experience the healing qualities of inversion, gently, and at a low angle and can bolster our body's ability to heal and optimize health. 

Countering the drag of gravity on our bodies, the stagnation and stiffness from exertion, or from too much sitting (or standing) at our desks, use of Lull can bring ease to your self care.

Lull seeks to positively influence the systems in the body, especially cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine.

Benefits may include:

  • Reduces back and neck pain
  • Naturally decompresses the spine
  • Aligns posture
  • Eases hip stiffness
  • Improves circulation for tired and achy legs, ankles, and feet
  • Boosts lymphatic flow
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Allows for deeper, more relaxed breathing
  • Athletic recovery
  • Injury recovery, postural drainage
  • More restful sleep

Gentle-inversion integrates well with what you might already do to care for yourselves—mindfulness, breathwork, creative thinking, stretching, Jin Shin Jyutsu, tapping (EFT), visioning, meditation, cat naps, and as part of your evening ritual to ready yourself for a good night's sleep.

It pairs well with gentle yoga stretches such as torso twists, leg extensions, and with physical therapy stretches to relax the muscles.

As a society, we sit more than ever before in history. Our bodies weren't built to be in a seated, 90 degree position for extended hours, or to be as sedentary as many of us find ourselves with our work. We need relief after long periods of sitting, standing, or being hunched over.

The low angle allows for a safe and gentle experience to unwind and relax. 

While using Lull, one positions the body flat on the back at a low and safe reclined angle with feet above the level of the hips, the hips above the level of the heart, and the heart above the level of the head.

Relaxation and calm

As with other self-care practices such as meditation and mindfulness, long with physical, there are cognitive and psychological benefits of gentle-inversion.

The literal, physical shift of orientation of the body while inverting, causes a mental shift in perspective and an activation of the parasympathetic nervous system to help us feel relaxed. 

Yogis have long known that by changing your posture, we change our mind. Inversions are foundational in yoga practices, specifically with Iyengar yoga.

Routine practice of gentle inversion fosters a meditative sensory awareness, that can become a reflective and transformative process for the body, mind and spirit.

The experience can be an emotional interaction—an uncoupling of one’s digital self and a connective experience with one’s physical self. An opportunity for feelings of renewal & calm. Nourishment. Focus and rejuvenation. A daily treat. And an ability to take how we feel, back into our hands. 

Gentle inversion products in years past have gone by other names—slant board, inversion slant board, incliner, incline board, therapeutic back board, inversion bench, inversion board, and inversion table. So many names!

If you've used inversion products from years' past, you might have found the getting on and off, a bit unsettling or hard on the abdominal muscles.

Lull is a unique design that because of its gentle arcing movement, enables the body to recline to an optimal angle. This allows you to use your body's own center of gravity to slowly and safely recline, to vary and control the degree of angle, and to slowly and safely return to a sit with its starting horizontal position.

We've sought in our design, to make inversions more accessible to different body types, and for those who seek a more meditative inversion experience.

See the pages under Learn in the navigation for specific areas in the body for which Lull may be of help for you. For example back pain and releasing the pressure on your spine, where you'll find write-up from Dr. John Hibbs, a Seattle naturopathic physician who practiced for 30 years and was also a naturopathic educator at Bastyr University.