Our Story

Our beginnings

InclineRx® began with first hand experience and took shape out of a need and a question.

Aimée Jacobson, Founder

Aimée Jacobson, founder.

Growing up, our mother had an Incline Board in our living room that she used every day to manage her varicose veins. I never thought much of it until I returned to the workplace after taking a career break to parent. 

It was a startling experience being so sedentary at the computer all day and an eye opening realization that this was the new normal. Seeing a sea of heads in half-wall cubicles jutted towards their computer screens with furrowed brows, I remember thinking - How can I (how can WE as a society) do this without taking a huge toll on our bodies?

A few years into this sedentary work life, despite routine exercise, my legs ached, my hips hurt, and I felt fatigued. My mom loaned me her incline board and within a few weeks, I felt like myself again. They'd gone out of production some 30 years ago, so I couldn’t find one to buy. I joked about making them, and a few years later, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and knew I had to do it...as if a baton was being passed to me. 

Out of this, InclineRx was born.


Our design

We care deeply about design and have poured ourselves into creating more than just an object, but an experience - an emotional interaction where every detail has been carefully considered for the human body.

Our design allows one to more easily use the product, which enhances the whole experience. Fluid movement. Ease of use. Flow. The getting on and off is intuitive, simple, comfortable. 

David Ryan, Designer
David Ryan, artist, designer, writer, teacher, and the industrial designer for the Incliner.