Milestone moment

Milestone moment

Last week we happily hit a milestone in the readying of the Incliner for production and for bringing it to market.

Our first production unit was completed by our woodworker. Excitedly, I tucked it into the trunk of my Camry, and beelined it up to the ferry line for Whidbey Island where our product designer David Ryan lives, so we could review it together.

The first production sample is referred to in the world of product development as the First Article. Approval of this is part of the verification process to ensure a product is ready for  production manufacturing. It has been a milestone marker on our spreadsheet and calendar for over two years. 

And...our official First Article Inspection Report: We like it! 

After many prototype iterations, we knew... This was what we'd set out to create.

It’s a crazy thing after all this time of creating and recreating…refining, reviewing, and more refining. And much calendar adjusting. 

Champagne would have been appropriate 🍾 but it was tea time, and David is Welsh. So, we had a few high fives, and raised a few cups of Earl Grey. ☕️ 

Now, as soon as the cushions are completed by our sew team and approved, it's onto finishing touches and then to photographing it so YOU can see for yourself.

Many steps yet to complete. Sprucing up the website, finalizing the packaging, enabling the e-commerce functionality, and all the other preparations and action steps. 

Join us in this journey!

If I can just find the time for figuring out a little launch party...

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