What is the degree of incline?

The degree of incline on the InclineRx Lull is low angle, gentle, and variable from 0 to 14 degrees.

How do I begin using it?

Start with 5 minutes at a time Ease into 10 -15 minutes at a time if it feels right for you. Sit in the middle, swing your legs to the side, scoot yourself towards your feet a bit, and lay back. Scoot your torso towards your head to tilt backwards. When done, while laying back, scoot your torso towards your feet, return to horizontal, and use your core to sit up. 

Who should not use the incliner?

For your health, please speak with your doctor before using the Incliner if you have any of the following conditions:



Hiatal hernia

Ventral hernia

Detached retina

Extreme obesity

Middle ear infection

Arterial hypertension

History of brain lesions

Severe vascular disease

History of congestive heart failure

Vulnerable areas of stress from recent surgery.

Is it safe to use the incliner if I have Acid Reflux?

Please speak with your doctor about this.

There are different causes of acid reflux. If the cause is a flaccid lower esophageal sphincter, then inversion is likely to cause a reflux event. It the cause is atonic digestion and reverse motility, then the inversion might well not cause a reflux event.

Further, if the reflux is affected by some spinal-vertebral condition that can be improved by inversion, then in the long run the therapy could help even if, in the short run, it caused reflux events.

Ultimately you'll want to decide whether you want to try it, or not. If it does cause reflux events, that won't worsen the condition, per se, so may be worth trying it to see.