A New Angle on Wellness

Lull by InclineRx shown in a living room setting.

Daily renewal in the comfort of home

Integrating wellness into our living and work spaces brings ease to caring for ourselves. 

The 5 minutes in between arriving home from work and making dinner? The 10 minutes before your next conference call? The quiet moment before lights out? Sometimes it's all we have.

That's where Lull fits in. 

As a brief respite. And as a counterbalance to our sitting culture.

Designed to work well and look good, Lull fits into its environment. Your environment.

It is accessible—a visual reminder. A literal platform for self-care. So that it's central to one's life rather than an aid on the periphery.

"I don't have to set anything up or roll out my yoga mat, it's just there, calling to me."


Built to support the body in a safe, gentle-inversion position, Lull is a therapeutic, relax the back, relieve stress sort of product—related to zero gravity recliners, massage chairs, meditation benches, and yet, entirely different.

A new take on an ancient healing method.  

Wellness furniture

In an article about how Ikea has responded to the need for wellness with a wellness themed home decor collection, Food52 asks the question:

"What would furniture designed with wellness in mind look like?"  

We've worked to answer this question.

Lull was designed with wellness in mind. 

We wanted it be inviting, attractive, and affirm a healthy, calm life.

Lull is part of a contemporary spirit that has sprung to life in response to a collective desire to not let our busyness be the death of us, but to find whatever way we can to cherish this one body we've been born with.

Lull can be contextualized as part of this new spirit and yet it is its own thing. It's not a new healing method (inclining—gentle inversion, has been around for years) and yet this iteration as wellness furniture is a new approach.  

Vern Yip, author and Trading Spaces host talks about how your home should nurture you and shares tips on making your home more liveable in this New York Times article, Vern Yip on Interior Design: Your Home ‘Should Nurture You.’  In his book Vacation at Home, he inspires us to turn a home into a peaceful retreat.

Lull helps to turn your space into a peaceful retreat where you can feel the way you want to feel.

Gentle inversion works by gently reversing the pull of gravity, at a safe restful angle, and naturally strengthen your body's systems. For more details on the why gentle inversion is an effective wellness method, see our Health Benefits of Gentle Inversion page.

With consistency, you will notice wonderful changes in your body, mind, and sense of capacity. All of which can bolster our body's systems and ability to heal.

"How do you restore your mind, body, spirit? Pilates & yoga are my go tos. Having tried the incliner by inclinerx, I've now a new, daily renewal source in the comfort of my home. Lie back & relax! Love it as do my pooches!." 


woman on the Lull Incliner to show how she uses it to restore mind, body, spirit

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