How To Use Lull

How-to Tips for use

Sit in center. Swing your legs to one end, scoot yourself towards your feet a few inches. This shifts your weight so you'll recline gently. Now, slowly lie back.

You'll gently recline based upon your body's motion and center of gravity. Find the degree of incline that's right for you, from 0 to 14 degrees.

Outstretch your arms to a comfortable position to open up the chest area.

Close your eyes and allow your breath to be full and relaxed. Let yourself unwind. Feel the tension release.

When ready to sit back up, while still lying reclined, scoot your torso towards your feet to ease back up with the shifting of your body weight until your body returns towards horizontal. 

If you need additional support, prop an elbow alongside your body and bend one knee to help leverage you to sit upright. This will take any strain off your lower back or abdomen.

Sit upright for a moment to ensure you're not light-headed. 

Listen to your body and make adjustments as needed. 

For your first few times, begin slowly—five minutes at a time or so to ensure your body feels good. Ease into 10-15 minutes at a time when ready and for a deeper release.

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