Benefits of Resting Inversion

Resting Inversion helps to revive the body's capacity for renewal and healing.

Resting Inversion is a therapeutic self-care practice that counters the drag of gravity, the stagnation and stiffness of too much sitting, and is a simple platform for recovery from exertion, stress and pain.

The practice of gentle inversion, the experience of it, upends one's relationship with gravity. 

Benefits of the incliner include reduced stress response, improved circulation, better sleep, and enhanced focus.

It gets the circulation going. Unkinks the hips. Eases back tension and pain.

It positively influences four major systems in the body - cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine.

We sit. A LOT... We spend vast amounts of time at our computers, and are sitting more than ever before in history. Our bodies and minds weren't built to be sedentary. 

Outstretching ourselves, flat, and in a straight body position is much needed relief after long periods of sitting or being hunched over.

This straight body position combined with the inverted angle, feet above the level of the hips, and the hips above the level of the heart, is key.

The physical shift in orientation (in inverting), causes a mental shift in perspective. Yogis have long known that by changing your posture, we change our mind

Regular use of the Incliner fosters a meditative sensory awareness, that can become a reflective and transformative process for the body, mind and spirit. 

Inclining is an experience... An emotional Interaction. An uncoupling of one’s digital self and a connective experience with one’s physical self. An opportunity for feelings of renewal & calm. Nourishment & repose. Focus and rejuvenation. The boost of Oxytocin. A daily treat. A looked forward to pause, and an ability to take how we feel, back into our hands. 

Inclining is not another thing to add to the to-do list, rather, something that supports what we already do to care for ourselves - mindful breathing, stretching, yoga, visioning, meditation. 

If you have ever wished after a yoga class that savasana would last just a little longer, you will love the experience of InclineRx.

If you've used an inversion board or vintage slant board in the past, you might have found the getting on and off, a bit unsettling. Our design allows one to more easily use the product, using your body's own center of gravity, which enhances the whole experience. Fluid movement. Ease of use. Flow.

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