What if taking care of yourself felt a bit easier?

Woman looking radiant as she’s leaving work to exemplify importance of self care.

Do you ever feel like you haven’t time to take care of yourself?! That it’s one more thing for the to-do list?

Life is full. We navigate, manage and juggle.

Our phones and laptops side by side. Almost always on. We’re used to being in overdrive–often going a million miles an hour until our heads hit the pillow.

We value sleep and fitness but don’t always get enough. 

Taking 90 minutes for a restorative yoga class feels amazingly life affirming, but we go through that checklist of what won't get done if we do it...

We created the Incliner to meet these challenges.

Audra, the radiant woman in the above photo is the owner of an acupuncture and skincare business, a passionate parent of a busy 7 year old, and the keeper of the family household while her husband is in school.

She found that just a few moments a day on the Incliner helps give her a sense of calm and balance

“Using the Incliner has helped relieve my lower back and hip pain. The angle is slight enough to prevent a massive blood rush to the head, but steep enough to allow gravity to realign the spine. And really comfortable too! Great for meditating and relaxing.” 

There’s a deep human need for rest and renewal. 

The benefits extend well beyond the physical and are woven into the fabric of our overall well-being. We write about this in our earlier blog - Health Benefits of Gentle Inversion and about how for something so simple, the benefits are enormous.

Our attention is much coveted and we're so easily distracted. Inclining helps give attention to our intention.

The experience can bring a sense of balance to our lives, ease the transition from work to relaxation - from office to mama mode, plugged to unplugged, and, helps us calm our minds so we’re more centered, grounded, and in touch with our our whole selves.

We, want to help you make taking care of yourself feel easier. 

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Aimée and the InclineRx family

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