How to add wellness into your daily life

How to add wellness into your daily life

Are you one of the many with a busy mind and tight shoulders?

Perhaps it's pressure from work, the demands of balancing family and a career, juggling a never ending to-do list or the physical pull from sitting or standing at your job all day long.

What if you could come home from work and instead of shifting right into making dinner and helping with homework, you could slip out of your shoes and take 15 minutes to yourself?

What if those 15 minutes are all you need to recalibrate your body, mind and soul?

We don't always have time to take a yoga class, go to the chiropractor, or get out for a long walk.

Introducing the Incliner—a gentle inversion board, designed to integrate wellness into daily life.

Gentle inversion is a simple yet powerful way to relax, recharge and renew. In this video, you’ll hear from three women who share their experience on gentle inversion and how their use of the Incliner has helped them.


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