Soothing Spaces

Home sanctuary space with Lull by InclineRx

Inspiration on creating a home sanctuary space for daily renewal

Lull as a soothing addition

We have within us, powerful resources for daily renewal. Tapping into what fills our cup is often a daily exercise in self awareness. Sometimes, how we feel—physically and emotionally are deeply buried. Sometimes they're right under the surface.

Freedom, peace, flow, expansiveness… whatever life affirming energies you seek…creating a space at home for generating the feelings we want in our lives, connects us to them and reminds us, invites us, to do the things that get us there.

Wellness is a broad term. Even as it is foundational to how we experience our lives, it is unique for everyone. Wellness can mean prevention, healing, recovery, self-care and more.

This article addresses wellness in the sense of daily renewal through moments of pause and respite in a home sanctuary space and with gentle inversion (gentle reclining). Wellness is the reason we designed Lull and it is our hope that it brings ease to the caring of ourselves.

Making space for holding space

Given that Lull is six feet long, it requires a bit of footage—length for placement and width to outstretch the arms. Not all of us have an entire room we can turn into a home sanctuary space but, it need not be elaborate or for that matter opulent. It can be simple—a corner in the home office, a few feet under a window, a nook in the bedroom.

Having a designated area in our homes for daily renewal can help to bring routine to our self care. It’s a visual prioritization that says this is where “me time” happens, and for what we need in the moment—lower back release, an energy boost, hamstring stretch, straightening the neck after hunching over our laptop, meditation, visualization exercises to clear the mind, a moment away from the screen before the next video call, circulating blood flow in the legs, a way to prepare for bedtime. 

Knowing you have a place of your own to unwind can be comforting in and of itself. With many of us no longer commuting, it can be a way to transition from work mode to personal mode. One of our customers refers to her Lull as “my new commute home.”

Home + Wellness + Design

Our physical environment contributes to our sense of being well. Thoughtfully designed living spaces help to create an environment in which to thrive. Interior design elements can make us feel psychologically safe or stressed out. You know when you’re in a space that feels right and you know when you’re in a space that doesn’t. Design can make an area in our home feel like a refuge.

There’s a whole field of neuroaesthetics around this topic. The concepts are the same whether in a Dwell Magazine home or a modest urban studio apartment. Our biological responses to beautiful design are universal. Design elements influence our energies in powerful ways and contribute to our reaction to a living space and what we perceive while in the space.

Grounding Elements to add to your space

Adding a few select elements creates the mood:

  • Textiles with a comforting hand feel and texture—a soft, throw blanket, pillows, a wall hanging, a plush, natural fiber organic area rug, a meditation bolster.
  • Colors YOU love.
  • Lighting - diffused lights, candles, a salt lamp.
  • Art YOU love.
  • Privacy screening and spatial relationships.
  • Scent - diffuser with essential oils, incense (we love Tara Healing Incense), non-toxic room freshener.
  • House plants in beautiful containers.
  • Music

A few of our customers recently shared video shorts from their home sanctuary spaces. Here're a few Instagram Reels set to music showing how Dede in Texas and Flo in California are using Lull in their own living spaces.

There for the day to day 

This interweaving of wellness into daily life is why we've built Lull. For rest, renewal and healing in body, mind and spirit. 

We’re here on this earth for a short time, take good care of yourself. 

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