A Self-care Practice for Loving Your Legs

Image of feet show how inversion can help leg vein swelling

Are the veins in your legs or feet swelling more than you’d like?

Are your legs tired, achy or swollen after a long day at the desk or standing on your feet? 

Do you sometimes find yourself concerned about the veins in your legs, ankles or feet? 

Even when you do your best to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise as often as you're able, you may still see vein swelling or ankle swelling, or feel a heaviness in your legs or sore, swollen, tired legs. 

Many share in this experience and in wishing for it to be otherwise.

Natural relief for swollen leg veins

Enlarged veins are not necessarily an indication of a problem nor a sign of things to come such as varicose veins. Many of us have prominently visible veins, have strong circulation and are in good health. 

Natural remedies for relief from swollen veins in the legs is a frequently searched topic online and options offered up are fairly limited. Much has been written about it and especially for the prevention of varicose veins and lymphedema. Search for Conservative Management for Leg Veins. (Please see your health care provider if you're concerned about varicose veins or vein health as this article is not intended as medical advice or to replace medical care.)

The most common recommendations are wearing compression stockings, weight management, diet, routine exercise, and elevating the legs.

Elevating the legs is the simplest and most immediate way to encourage circulation  to help drain the fluids that are pooling in your legs.

Legs-Up-The-Wall is one such way to elevate the legs. It is a yoga pose and an athletic recovery method used frequently by runners.

Gentle inversion encourages healthy circulation

Another home remedy for stimulating leg circulation based upon elevating the legs is gentle inversion. 

This simple therapeutic remedy may help bring the relief you’re seeking.  

Gentle inversion is a self-care practice which reverses the pull of gravity on your body in a supportive, safe and low angle (less than 15 degrees), with your feet above hips, hips above heart, and your heart above head.

It positions our bodies in a way that encourages blood flow which can help to improve oxygen transport to the skin and tissues and may decrease edema, and reduce inflammation.

Gentle inversion is both restorative and energizing. It creates movement and flow in a relaxing way.

We make a gentle-inversion Incliner product called Lull. The arcing leg base design allows you to slowly and gently recline to a variable angle from 0 degrees to 14 degrees. You're able to choose which angle is right for you so you’ll feel safe and more able to let go of stress.

Now, why, you may be asking, wouldn't I just put my legs up against the wall? Or sit in a cushy recliner or a zero gravity chair?

Four reasons: 

  • Lengthening the hips. Lying flat on the back, fully extended, allows the hips to open and unkink from the 90 degree sitting position we often are in. 
  • Spinal alignment. Lessens spinal disc pressure to help naturally decompress the spine. Restores proper alignment and the natural curves of the spine.
  • The release of muscle tension, back pain, and the calming of the nervous system. Hard to explain. Easy to feel. 
  • Breath. Gentle inversion encourages more expansive breathing. Deepening our breath is impactful to every aspect of our health. 

Encouraging circulation flow is vital to your health. Blood flow, vein health, lymphatics, energy—all are essential to how alive we feel. 

“In Chinese medicine, everything comes down to: How good is your circulation? If it is not moving, move it.” -Sandra Lanshin Chiu acupuncturist, herbalist & founder of Treatment by Lanshin.

The caring for yourself through nurturing practices, provides an environment in which your body can thrive. Our goal is to support you in this self-care so you (and your legs ) get the love they deserve.

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