soothe or quiet soothe or quiet. Photo of the Lull incline board in the home of Robin and David.

By author Robin Reich.

A dear friend of mine going through a very difficult time told me recently that she was "waiting for a lull." Waiting for a lull—a pause, a break from the chaos and continuing unfortunate events in her life. Waiting for a lull so that she and I could have a proper catch up over the phone rather than through an occasional text. Waiting for a lull to have the energy and time again for the things that nourish her. I felt really sad hearing these words as she, more than anyone I know right now, needs nourishment of body and soul.

It got me thinking about how fortunate we are when we do have those lulls in our life where we have time to take care of ourselves. And how we should never take these moments for granted. For often even in our lulls we continue to race through life never taking the time to nourish ourselves or to just be present. But it also got me thinking about how it is even more important to find those moments, to create our own lulls, when we are going through extremely difficult times that take all of our energy, attention, focus and time away from us.

In thinking about my own ways of taking care of myself and creating lulls in my own life, I thought immediately of the beautifully and thoughtfully designed gentle inversion board aptly named Lull, and how it is always there to support me when I need it. My own lovely Lull sits in my room and quietly calls out to me with its ever present invitation for rest and rejuvenation. Just seeing it and its friendly, elegant presence gives me a sense of calm and a reminder to be present.

Sitting on Lull and being gently and slowly rocked by its innovative arcing base into a supported recline position is like entering another Universe.

There is an instant release of tension throughout my body and a feeling of well being. It is a wonderful chance for deep rest and a time to be inward, quiet and present. A place to listen to one’s innermost self. The serenity I feel pervades my sense of seeing and changes the way I look at things.

Even in the space of ten minutes. It is a wonderful reset button!

Lull allows us to hold space for ourselves at any time. It offers a safe place for rest and rejuvenation. Lull is a quiet support away from the negativity and noise in the world and often the negativity and self critical thoughts in our own head. It is an invitation to enter into the stillness of one’s soul. It offers a lull in one’s life as well as actually lulling one into comforting, deep rest much like a lullaby!

And there is just something about lying in a supported gentle inversion where your heart is above your head both physically and emotionally.

Physically there are so many benefits that include releasing tension, reducing back pain, improving circulation, reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels, focus and brain function. Inversions are well known to positively influence the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine systems. Inversions reverse the harmful effects of gravity therefore making them one of the most effective treatments for back issues and load-bearing joint issues. In fact my own husband who happens to be the designer of Lull, found it to be a wonderful support in recovery from his own foot surgery, helping to bring down the inflammation by lying on Lull for 10 minutes three times a day.

But for me, it is the emotional effects that are most beneficial. Lying back on Lull is instantly calming, soothing and heart opening. A place to just be.

A chance for inner reverence. A spiritual refuge. A place where one feels cared for. And symbolically I love that the heart is above the head as it gives us a chance to lead from the heart rather than from our head where we seem to live most of the time drowning in our own busy thoughts.

Living from the heart gives us courage to be who we are. It gives us compassion for ourselves and others. It makes us more aware and present. And in that sense Lull is a gift.

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