GOTS Certified white cotton shawl blanket

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GOTS certified throw blanket. Perfect for cuddle time and reading, it's also an elegant shoulder wrap, shawl, and/or end of bed runner. Baby soft texture against your skin. 

Hypoallergenic and baby safe. 

25 x 70 inches with fringed ends. White waffle weave 100% organic cotton. 

Certified to The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which is the highest assurance of environmental sustainability ensuring safety (non-toxicity - no known or suspected toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of the fabric nor residual); water treatment; carbon footprint; and worker treatment. 

GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard

More about GOTS & why it matters - It means, including requiring that at least 90% of fibers be certified organic (this blanket is 100%); no chemicals can be used which have been proven to harm humans or the environment at any stage of the textile production process; water must be treated to a very high standard before release; and certain worker safety and worker rights issues are honored, like no child or slave labor and safe working conditions. GOTS certified is the best choice by far, for carbon footprint right now. Exponentially better than recycled polyester, for instance, or of conventional cotton fabric.

Care Instructions: Hand or machine wash on the gentle or delicate cycle with cold water and non-phosphate soap. Line dry, or tumble dry low and remove promptly. We do not recommend using whiteners as bleaching agents; when needed, use only non-chlorine bleach.