Calming the Nervous System. A Tool for the Self-Care Tool Kit

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A few thoughts on calming the nervous system.

We’re all reaching for a bit of zen right now. We know that stress lowers our immune system. We know it blocks our thinking and tests our patience. It's difficult to feel calm if we’re filled with tension and anxious thoughts.

Are your muscles guarding right now? Protecting? Tension takes many forms and often shows up as back pain, tightness in the shoulders, and stiffness in the hips.

Body, mind and spirit are intrinsically inseparable. Nurturing this connection impacts our bodies ability to heal and to feel fully alive.

Nurturing yourself is especially important in times of disruption. Taking time to be kind to yourself eases mental stress and helps to regulate your stress response. 

Have you tried gentle-inversion? It is a natural healing method that leverages the power of gravity, gently, at a low and safe angle.

The reorientation of your body creates a balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to quiet the nerves.

Gravity determines how hard the heart has to work to meet the brain’s demand for blood. When the head is lower than the heart, it reflexively signals the heart rate to slow down. As a result, the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, the heart relaxes, and the nervous system calms down.

This is why we've created Lull. Designed to easily integrate wellness into your day to day, it is intended to be left out in the open, ready to use—a visual reminder.

A tool for the toolkit. Part of your home.

Our customer Ruby Somera shared her experience with us a few weeks ago about how it’s helped her with the anxiety and fear from the past month of pandemic stress.

“It's my go-to home sanctuary for peace and self-care. You get SO much out of it and it literally takes no effort at all. You just lay there and are instantly in a state of peace and calm.”


How the Lull incliner helps to reduce stress and calm the nervous system.

We designed the Lull incliner to support the rhythm of people’s daily lives & blend with the self-care experiences that people already find important.

It can help people to enter into their desired states. It can serve as a return into one’s body, heart, and mind. And as a stabilizer to stay resilient and strong. Gentle-inversion, and our Lull specifically, can be its own experience, or paired with other self-care practices.

Here are four of our favorite pairings that you can do for yourself, each with overlaps and similarities upon the body’s systems.

  1. Jin Shin Jyutsu - An ancient method of releasing tensions in the body using energy pathways with the light touch of your own hands. Our mother has practiced this for 38 years and I've been a fortunate recipient.
  2. Breathwork - a foundational stress-reduction life skill.
  3. Meditation. People who want to meditate but find it hard to sit after sitting all day, have found they’re able to do so on the incliner.
  4. EFT, commonly known as tapping, is a mixture of breathwork, meditation, and affirmations. 

When the body is fully supported, one is more able to let go and relax.

On a personal note, I wish I could say I've got this down pat. Far from it. For me, staying calm takes commitment and management. I've been no stranger to stress in my lifetime, and it's part of what drew me to using the incliner in the first place and why I'm passionate to share it with the world.

Would you like to try Lull out in your home? We will ship to you with contactless delivery if you have a receiving area.

Written during quarantine. April 2020.

With love and uplift,

Aimée and the InclineRx family

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