The Lull Incliner


Lull, by InclineRx, re-envisions the classic 50’s slantboard (also known as inclineboard) as a timeless, modern design. Lull is restorative, gentle (low angle) and safe.

Designed to help you more easily integrate wellness into your daily life—to be more central in your life, rather than an aid on the periphery.

Supporting your body in a gentle inversion posture, Lull sits horizontally and reclines gradually on rocking legs to a maximum of a 14 degree angle allowing you to control the degree of angle using your own body's center of gravity.


The cushion is made with durable upholstery fabric and high resiliency 5/8 inch upholstery foam, and is removable and replaceable.

Wood base rocking arcs are made from solid maple and the plank from Baltic birch ply. Wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests and is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and formaldehyde free.

Size: 72 x 16 x 9 1/2

Weight: 30 lbs

Ships fully assembled. 

Seattle Made.

Seattle Made