The Lull Incliner


Lull, by InclineRx, re-envisions the inversion slant board with a modern design. Also known as an Incliner, Lull is a gentle, simple, calming way to experience the healing qualities of inversion. 

Built to be on display in your living space, so that you'll more easily integrate wellness into your daily life.

Lull sits horizontally on rocking chair legs and inclines backwards or forwards gradually to give you varying degrees of angle from 0 to 14 degrees, allowing you to control the degree of angle using your own body's center of gravity. 

The positioning supports your body in a gentle, low angle inversion posture using your own weight to help naturally decompress and release back tension, helps to relax the hips, encourage circulation, and cultivate feelings of calm.

An alternative to the inversion table for those who prefer less incline. 


The Lull Incliner cushion is made with durable upholstery fabric and 5/8 inch

high resiliency upholstery foam, and is removable and replaceable.

The wood base rocking arcs are made from solid maple and the plank from Baltic birch ply. Wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests and is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and formaldehyde free.

Size of product: 72 x 16 x 9 1/2

Size of shipping box: 73 x 17 x 10  

Weight: 30 lbs

Ships fully assembled. Simply slide out of box and begin using. 

We ship to your home via UPS. 

Seattle Made. Made with love.

Seattle Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jay Pyles

Magical device.

We love our beautiful Lull recliner

I looked for years, seriously years for a slant board. I decided that I’d try researching on Google again with low expectations. Lo and behold this vision of a slant board appeared. With my deep love of Scandinavian mid-century modern architecture/furniture I couldn’t believe I found such a beautiful slanting board, but it wasn’t a board, it was a recliner. The aesthetic is so good that it's not relegated to a closet with my other wellness accessories, its part of our room. It’s not only stunning, it’s also perfectly engineered for optimal slanting for health and wellness. The customer service is above and beyond. I feel so lucky to have found the Lull.

Flo Dupuy
Amazing product and service!

I was gifted an InclineRx Lull for my birthday. Best present ever ♥️ I use it everyday and already am seeing the benefits (stress relief: both mental stress relief and physical on my whole spine low back to neck). It’s a cherished pause time for myself that I value and am grateful to have in my daily routine. Some days I just use it and meditate, some days I add a few stretches on it. No matter how I use it, I feel lighter mentally and physically after use. Before ordering I asked questions to the lovely Aimée at InclineRx and received the best customer service ever! Shipping was super fast and it arrived in great shape! I would recommend it highly if you are willing to add self care and well being into your life. You will love it! Extra benefits: I had my wellness yearly visit this morning and the doctor couldn’t believe it when looking at my chart, I had grown taller! True story! And I am 55, not 16! Try it, you won’t regret it!

John Lorang
Makes falling asleep easy

I've been using my Incliner for about a year now. For me, taking 5-10 minutes on it before bed makes falling asleep easy. I'm addicted.

Ruby Somera
It's my go-to home sanctuary for peace and self-care

I'm not gonna lie. The year has been a doozy! As a small business owner, every scary scenario has played out in my mind. What if this or what if that. So, I've had to be creative in finding ways to help with the anxiety and fear. I'm so thankful to have this amazing product. It's my go-to home sanctuary for peace and self-care. You get SO much out of it and it literally takes no effort at all. You just lay there and are instantly in a state of peace and calm. It has seriously changed my life...