Meet the Incliner

InclineRx wellness furniture incorporates the healing qualities of inversion in a product called an Incliner.

Modern furniture designed to easily integrate wellness into daily life.

An effortless means of self-care. For your rest.

It is a gentle alternative to full inversion, providing the same benefits, simply more gradually, and from a lower, maximum of 14 degree angle.

Wellness furniture. We’re approaching furniture from a wellness point of view. So that becomes more central to your life rather than an aid on the periphery. Similar to a therapeutic recliner or zero gravity type chair, but with a more spine lengthening impact and meant more as a means of unplug and pause.

A sort of yoga bench - a cross between equipment and furniture - between a pilates bench and zero gravity chair, a remake of the slant board from years’ past.

Meditative in nature - restful and relaxing.

If you've used an inversion board or slant board in the past, you might have found the getting on and off, a bit unsettling. Our design allows one to more easily use the product, which enhances the whole experience. Fluid movement. Ease of use. Flow.

We'll be launching soon. Stay tuned!