Welcome to Lull

Welcome to Lull.

A gentle inversion restorative tool to help you feel and stay well.

Supporting your body in a gentle inversion posture to facilitate spinal decompression, circulation, and relaxation.

Designed to help you more easily integrate wellness into your daily life—to be more central in your life, rather than an aid on the periphery.

Lull sits horizontally and reclines gradually on rocking legs to a maximum of a 14 degree angle.

We have completely reimagined the fixed angle slant board from years’ past, which, If you've used, you might have found the getting on and off, a bit unsettling.

Our design allows one to more easily use the product, which enhances the whole experience. Fluid movement. Ease of use. Flow.

Invest a small amount of time on it each day - 5 to 10 minutes, and feel lasting results.

Our first small batch production run is in the works and we have a limited number of units available for sale now.

You'll love this new way of caring for yourself.