An intro and a little backstory.

Growing up, there was always an incline board in our mom’s living room which she used to manage her varicose veins. I never thought much of it as a kid. It wasn’t until in my adult life, upon returning to the workplace after taking a career break to parent, that I came to need and appreciate its impact. I went from running around with kids to desk jockey. It was an eye opening realization. Joining a sea of heads in half-wall cubicles jutted towards their computer screens with furrowed brows, I kept asking - How can I, how can WE as a society, do this without it taking a huge toll on our bodies?

Sure enough, a few months in, despite daily exercise, my legs ached, my hips hurt, and I felt fatigued. My mom loaned me her incline board and within a few weeks of daily use, I felt like myself again. At the time, I joked about making them, and a few years later, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head and knew I had to do if a baton was being passed to me.

Out of this, InclineRx was born and we’re now preparing for production and to market.

Making an honest dent in how well people feel in their bodies...that is what drives me.


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